Question to the universe,

How do some women do it? They are dressed in designer workout clothes from head (that means headbands) to toe, face full of make up and carrying a designer handbag and sitting at a cafe drinking latte and eating poached eggs..looking so perfect? If they just came back from the gym wouldn’t they look slightly disheveled? If they’ve showered why would they still be in workout clothes? If they haven’t been to the gym why are they eating eggs? Why are they wearing makeup?

How do they do it?


one month anniversary

Hello people out there,

First of all I would like to say happy one month anniversary to my fractured 5th metatarsal of the left foot..yeay you’re a month old now! Please grow some callus across the break…pleeeaaassseeeee plus stop making it painful every time I move funny..oh and stop swelling!


Because dear fractured 5th metatarsal, I would really want to start running again and you not wanting to heal 100% is driving me slightly crazy.

Love always,
B (who you are attached to..literally)

Magic Carpet Ride

My father always tell me to check the car’s engine oil and water regularly. This somehow does not compute well with me – when I ask my friends, they never do so. Some have never even opened the car bonnet themselves ..while my dad wants me to do it often?

So I have done so..like a few times. Checking whether I have enough water, oil, coolant..and then it struck me: even if I don’t have enough oil or coolant..what can I do? I mean, I don’t really have a stock of them at home. Unlike my parents -who can open a car garage/ mechanic workshop- with their stock of stuff and underneath car bonnet knowledge.

I’m not as useless as I sound – sure, I get lost all the time (fact, if I live in a big house, I might get lost getting from the bedroom to the kitchen every morning!) and I can’t park (I’m sure I’ll get a hang of it..one day) but I do try to do what my father tells me when it comes to making sure I have enough engine oil and water in the car.

Run Like Hell

You know how when you run, sometimes you find yourself in a slum and you need a power song? You know, that song that gives you that burst of energy to keep on going or even go faster? I admit I haven’t done any running for ages (hence the excruciating pain I feel in my quadriceps after one session with my PT yesterday..not funny! I wanted to go back to the gym today but I couldn’t even get out of bed without my whole left leg spasming every 5 minutes!!) but I am starting it again..tomorrow (I WILL!! and I’ll prove it!) and I’ve decided my power song shall be Pink Floyd’s Run Like Hell..not only the title is so appropriate but it’s definitely a running song. If you don’t feel like running while listening to the song..well..then you don’t feel like running πŸ˜›


We Are The Champions

After days of faffing around (is that a real word??..err..English if not my first language!!), I have finally completed the C25k program!! I started pretty strong, maybe too strong and 25 minutes into the run I started getting extremely bad side stiches!! I didn’t want to stop but I did run slower than usual which is VERY slow..and I did finish it…FINALLY!! After weeks, months in fact I haven completed the C25k program!! Definitely proud of myself..but I’m definitely not going to stop running..next project: One Hour Runner Program..wish me luck people!!

I reckon I should treat myself…some nice expensive shoes ..or bag πŸ˜›

ramblin’ man

Finished W9D1 today!!!

I’m actually running..RUNNING for 30mins non-stop..and I thought it was going to get easier but it hasn’t..the thing is I’m actually amazed at how determined I am at finishing it. For example, as I was running today, after the 10 min mark, my brain was telling me how tired I was and I should stop, I can try again tomorrow, I’ve just eaten brekkie, my body aches, yada yada yada – telling me all the excuses I can think of BUT I didn’t stop. I kept telling myself, “let’s see if you can run another 5 mins” and the 5 mins went and I kept telling myself another 5 mins and before I knew it, it was 30 mins. It does not get easier but I’m coping with it better and the feeling you get after running -and knowing you’ve just finished 30 mins- is amazing…I know I can do it and I will finish this program!

I’m currently running most of the time on the treadmill – just because I feel more comfy being around people I know and I reckon that I run faster on a treadmill as well (there’s that speed thingy that you can set yourself on)..the only thing is, it’s SO boring!! I hate watching the small screen while running because I’m listening to my music, so that means that the only thing I can concentrate is the clock in front of me..and watching the seconds tick away is SOOOOO depressing!! I need to find a new route to run around my neighbourhood, honestly! I should…I think I’m a bit apprehensive cuz there’s a big hill near my place and I’m slightly scared about running with a big incline..very scared actually!!

Anyway, I keep telling myself baby steps..and that’s what I’m doing – baby steps!!

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

I like to consider myself a fairly sarcastic person.

It’s hard not to if you grow up in my family – my mom (and her whole family) is dripping with sarcasm and exaggeration..we’ve always learned to not take whatever mom says too seriously..we grew up with her telling us it’s 10a.m (when it’s only 6.30a.m), there are never any fish in the markets (and yes, we live on a peninsula) and how everything in life is extremely easy (esp. traditional cookies). my dad on the other hand is cynical. So yes, it was all fun.

Hence, sarcastic remarks fly among my family all the time and we never take each other seriously. Unfortunately, I keep thinking everyone has the same upbringing like me (which is of course, my mistake) and kept throwing sarcastic and ironic remarks to people but unfortunately not getting the responds that I’m hoping for – people are either offended or take me too seriously. Not good indeed.

So the older I am the more aware of I am of this. Nowadays it’s actually kind of hard to hear me say anything sarcastic/ ironic (okay, I still do but not as much I did when I was younger and cluelessless) but you do hear me say something totally wrong with close friends..haha.

Anyway, the point of my rambling is: I do love reading sarcastic.ironic/cynical things. My fav authors when it comes to this subject are definitely Oscar Wilde (I wanted to grow up to be him!!) and Saki.

Saki is fabulous! I love how witty and macabre Β his characters are and sometimes you just feel like cringing at what they are saying sometimes but oh so wicked!! I was so excited to find a Saki short stories book today. Actually, if you don’t feel like buying his stories, you can find them online since it’s in the public domain.

It’s cold, wet and raining – good time to curl up with a book!


I feel like I have to talk about my workouts (I promise it’s extremely short!):

1. I’m finished 8.1 today..that’s 28 mins non-stop..moi?! I know it’s only 3 mins extra and I did get into a groove after 5 mins but the last 7 mins was agonising! I felt like I needed to puke (I had oatmeal fr brekkie..but it was a couple of hours earlier! God, imagine if I did puke oatmeal on the treadmill..gross) and broke into a cold sweat. I don’t know why I felt so unwell..grr..nevertheless, i did finish the 28 mins on a much faster speed that my week 7s.

2. I still don’t like rowing…I start extremely fast and strong and after a couple of mins, I wanted to throw everything and stomp my foot and yell at the friggin’ machine. I don’t know if it’s my technique but while rowing my legs are sore as anything and after that it’s my neck that gives me spasms. Something is definitely wrong somewhere

3. I need fab new trek pants! I tell myself that i need to buy nice workout clothes to motivate me workout…and it does work! Of course nothing is more exciting than buying smaller and smaller ones everytime..haha

4. I need to find time to workout on working days!!