Travel Photos

As much as I love to write a travel log like Tracy, I was the never the type who’d rewrite something that I’ve already written in somewhere else. Meaning, all other travellers who love to read and write, I, too have written my travels in a journal but unlike other travellers who would then rewrite what they’ve written (not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I’m lazy!), i wouldn’t, always hoping that one day i would.

Well, the time has passed but I still haven’t (and the older I am the lazier i get) done anything about it but since I have a ‘traveling’ category, I reckon I should just post some of my old traveling pics (to remind me of the great feeling of traveling).

Brisbane-Gold Coast-Sydney 2003

3 sisters (blue mountains)

Blue Mountains, NSW

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House, NSW

Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge, NSW

Warner Bros

Warner Bros. Movie World, Gold Coast

 Brisbane Bridge

In Brisbane, Queensland.

New Zealand 2004

Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Franz Josef

Franz Josef Glacier

Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jumping

Bungy Jumping at Kawarau Bridge

After the jump

After the jump

Mount Cook

Mount Cook

Church of the Good Sheperd

Church of The Good Sheperd, Lake Tekapo, South Cantebury, New Zealand

(To see more photos, just click on any of the pics above) 

I will put more pics soon (especially when I’m lazy to update my blog).


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